Hello Everyone

Hello world; finally now i launch my website.

I offer the possibility of choosing, I am aware that only daring is able to give value and meaning to everything we do.
At the same time I endow projects with emotional branding solutions, one day I decided to run in that direction and I can not stop.

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Selected Projects

Beber de Tu Sangre

The most difficult of this work was to reinterpret all the feeling, creating a new perspective and thus to take away from all the memories that can provoke you of the original version.

Client: Sensor
Services: Cover Design


Director of Marketing & Communications
2016 - 2017
Coordinator of Engagement & eCommerce Specialist
2013 - 2016
Brand Manager
2010 - 2012
2008 - 2010
2007 - 2009
Brand Manager / Tour Manager
2006 - 2007
Art Director